Monthly Archives: March 2011

What really counts

If you read the About section, you’ll learn a few things. ¬†You’ll learn that I’m a white & nerdy female computer scientist, a chaotic single mum and a researcher in her early twenty-somethings. You’ll read it and you’ll probably say ‘wow’ or ‘yuck’ or simply hit the X button and click me out of your life.

Deep in my heart I’d rather like to stay anonymous, like in good old Web1.0 times, and cheat myself through the world with a male pseudonymous. But however, this is Web2.0, life doesn’t go backwards… and maybe, just maybe, there’s something good about having to reveal my true self. (Well, at least my mundane identity.)

True self. HA HA. As if I knew who that is!

Honestly. I have no idea.

I’m here to explore.

I’m here because I want to express myself. I want to redesign my life. I no longer want to be the overworked, undersexed single mum with the unshaved legs and the grey complexion and the permanent bad mood.

I want to dance with bare feet until I get dizzy.

I want to laugh until my belly hurts.

I want to fall in love – and this time I want it to be so electrifying, that I’ll be giving off sparks. Not just sparks, fireworks. Not just fireworks, supernovas.

Go ahead. Stalk me. Google me. Read out the About section. But the bold lines above… they are what really counts.