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Book review: “Tipps gegen Liebeskummer” (Advices for the lovelorn) by Armin Opherden

I recently bumped into this on Google books and I was so happy I thought I simply MUST share this.

😀 😀 😀

The book I’m going to present is a collection of texts which reflect the the author’s outlook on life and love experiences, which are – IMHO – truly outstanding and farsighted. The texts used to be online a few years ago on his personal homepage. I was a regular visitor, as I gained a lot of comfort from them back then in my heart-achy teen years. (Armin, if you ever read this: Thank you so much.) However, one day, the text collection was taken offline due to copyright infringement. That was a few years ago.

Now that I bumped into this book on Google, I am really happy and excited to find the beloved text collection again, which had accompanied me during some of my darkest days.
Armin Opherden had decided to publish his texts in book form, after all.

The book is in German, unfortunately. It should be available in every language, though, for everyone in the world.

I’d like to cite one text named “Plant an apple sapling” that I find very touching at the moment.

How often must I wonder about people who are no older than 15, 20, or 30 years and believe that their lives are virtually over, or “botched”!
Today’s sicko beauty, youth and efficiency madness is significantly responsible for this.

I can only recommend everyone not to take part in the madness! Even if you’ve been right in the thick of it, up until now, chased, hectic, superficial, even if you’ve made many mistakes and your relationships ended in misery: You have all the time in the world to make a new beginning! Take the inward turn, find yourself, plan your future in the peace of your mind, be what you like to be and think in long terms! You’ve still got all your life in front of you.


See? The guy is amazing. These are the faith lines of my current chapter in life, and I strongly encourage you to make them yours, too.






Genetic Algorithm from HELL.

Just to make one thing clear: I want to be the creator of that algorithm. Whatever it may do!!!

Healing hands

This time I cannot promise that my post makes any sense, or at least deeper sense (as usual). I simply promised to publish pictures of my hands on my blog, which my colleague Johannes Hieslmair made, who is currently writing his Master’s thesis in the context of Machine Vision.

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Nothing more to say, actually?

As I am sitting here, I am wondering about quite a few stories that the hand pictures might be able to tell.

One of them is told by the gesture of crossing middle and ring fingers. It is a gesture that I started making a lot, unconsciously, ever since I started belly dancing. You may never take these two fingers apart, because they are supposed to hold your veil (even if you dance without it). It’s my story of rediscovering and learning to love the softer, more feminine part of me again, after having gone through childhood full of divorces and violence against women, after having gone through a male dominated education, several male dominated jobs, and the assimilation that goes with it. But that story is still being written, so I’ll let go for now.

One other story that comes to mind is that of healing hands… well, of feeling hands at least. I am having sort of a coming-out now as I am telling you that I’m gifted (or maybe rather cursed) with the ability to feel human auras with my hands. You may feel tempted to brand me as an esoteric nutcase after that statement, but it’s true. I feel it all the time, and it’s there. And because it’s there, I cannot ignore it. And because I cannot ignore it, I am restless all the time. Being a methodically thinking researcher and having supernatural sensations is quite a bit of a contradiction, and I’m aware of that. But it’s also cool. Being aware that science is never finished, realizing how intangible truth really is, gives you a view on life that is amazing. You cannot go wrong. Life is a journey, and whatever you do, it is full of promise.


-- --------------------------------------------------------------
-- Author: Helga H.    
-- Date: 05/01/2011
-- File: coalesce.sql
-- --------------------------------------------------------------
-- you know you're seriously damaged when you're trying work and 
-- no matter what you do, you can't stay focussed.
-- the encounter with a single little sql keyword totally puzzles 
-- you and makes your thoughts drift away,
-- wondering about the meaning of love, 
-- of human relationships, 
-- of transcendence.
-- wondering, if loneliness is a natural feeling or just plain 
-- pathological. 
-- you close your eyes.
-- yin and yang. day and night. body and soul. mind and matter.
-- why would you miss that non-existant significant other 
-- so painfully if you were to be without it?
-- where does the yearning come from?
-- your eyes open without you actually wanting it.
-- there is your desktop. and your screen. 
-- and that stupid little cursor thingy blinking at you.
-- so you hack on.
-- --------------------------------------------------------------

SELECT * FROM sakura WHERE (shadow LIKE COALESCE($S, '%'))
startdate <= year(now())+1