-- --------------------------------------------------------------
-- Author: Helga H.    
-- Date: 05/01/2011
-- File: coalesce.sql
-- --------------------------------------------------------------
-- you know you're seriously damaged when you're trying work and 
-- no matter what you do, you can't stay focussed.
-- the encounter with a single little sql keyword totally puzzles 
-- you and makes your thoughts drift away,
-- wondering about the meaning of love, 
-- of human relationships, 
-- of transcendence.
-- wondering, if loneliness is a natural feeling or just plain 
-- pathological. 
-- you close your eyes.
-- yin and yang. day and night. body and soul. mind and matter.
-- why would you miss that non-existant significant other 
-- so painfully if you were to be without it?
-- where does the yearning come from?
-- your eyes open without you actually wanting it.
-- there is your desktop. and your screen. 
-- and that stupid little cursor thingy blinking at you.
-- so you hack on.
-- --------------------------------------------------------------

SELECT * FROM sakura WHERE (shadow LIKE COALESCE($S, '%'))
startdate <= year(now())+1

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