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Unhandled JESUS_FOUND_EXCEPTION thrown in HelgasLife.cs at line 25, column 4; Astrology blog creation stopped immediately

(1) Imagine you’re in a life crisis.

(2) Imagine you have just given away bleep-loads of money, messed up a potential relationship and made the realization that all the worldly things just don’t cut it.

(3) Imagine you want it to be OVER because you find life pointless.

(4) Imagine you reach out for help from a psychic, and instead of getting help there, you’re being hit by a ray of light and your emotional pain is healed completely.

(5) Imagine sitting in your office on a gray and cloudy day and suddenly noticing a hole in the clouds with a rainbow blinking out. (No, really!!)

(6) Imagine then bumping into a guy who tells you that your encounter with him is the answer to a prayer from a missionary somewhere in Southern America who is constantly hearing the voice of Jesus.

(7) Imagine being shown by Jesus that this is not a pickup-line, but the TRUTH.

(8) Imagine being told by the missionary that Jesus healed you at some point. Remember (4) and almost get knocked off the chair you’re sitting on.

(9) Imagine… oh crap. Nobody can imagine that!!!

Sorry guys! But my life will never be the same! I decided to dismiss all the occult practices and studies from my life because I finally found the REAL thing.
I know for CERTAIN now that a human being is more than just a neuro-biological finite state machine and that life is more than just a deterministic-but-uncalculatable series of events – contrary to what my researcher brain had suggested.

Miracles DO happen.

Don’t believe me, find out for yourself: