Who am I, damn it?

Answer Number 1: I’m a weird mercury person.

Head over heart. (Yeah, unfortunately.)

My favorite animal is the owl, my favorite plant is the ivy and my exact time and place of birth is August 26th, 1987 at 5:52 AM in Steyr, Austria.
So I’m a post Tshernobyl baby. (Small excuse for the weirdness, I know.)

This is my horoscope generated from the data above:

If you’re an astrologist, you basically know everything about me now.
You also know the reason why I’m so freakin’ mercury.

Answer Number 2: I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother… *sing*

My song. Literally.

This is me, Helga.
I’m a single mum and part of a family consisting of six haggish women, living together in an old farmhouse in the rolling hills of Biberbach, Lower Austria.
(I like to call it Biberbeach, L.A. and imagine myself as a celebrity. :D)

Men usually tend to hang around with us for a short timespan each, for reproduction only. After a while, they usually become scared and run away. (Can you blame them?)
It’s also that, for over hundred years, no baby boy was born in our house. We don’t know why, really. But probably that’s all part of a vague mystery around us.

What remains is a more than unique patchwork family and a noisy bunch of rug rats.
Physically, only one of these brats is mine. I love them both, though. And the reindeer, too.

Answer Number 3: I’m a chaotic researcher.

As a foolish young person I liked to think that it would be cool to learn how to program and to figure out how computers work.
Therefore I decided to study computer science at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. In spite of the foolishness, I guess it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

During my studies I became a mother and I was working at a very family friendly standard software company named BMD Systemhaus, which does basically the same thing as SAP, but especially for small and mid-sized companies. I truly loved the job… but then I realized that the company wouldn’t be able to offer me a topic for my master’s thesis which was enough scientific to be accepted, at that point in time. So I had to move on. And I was sad. Awfully sad.

I was also scared. I had to apply somewhere else though I was not ready for the challenge.
Never, ever will I forget the day when I had my first job interview at Profactor. I was sitting there like a little pile of misery. I had no confidence, I was not convinced of my abilities at all. I saw my very own doubt reflecting in the eyes and in the minds of the people staring at me from across the table.

Eventually, I got the job. It was pure luck… some might as well call it destiny.

When, shortly after, my company advisor decided to quit and to leave me behind as my own advisor, I felt like cracking up. I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. (God, how I love you for these moments.)

After a heartfelt send-off and a nice smile for the camera, I sat there, on my own.
Concretely, I was working in the Simulation Department on a project named Procomposite in the Austrian Factory of the Future track, researching on the effects of sustainable production planning. My master’s thesis originates from this project and is available here.

From today’s point of view, being forced to work on my own was an overdue ass-kick that I needed to discover my true potential.
I honestly thought it would kill me, but indeed, it made me bloom.

The job was (and is) amazing.
Procomposite has been extended with a follow-on project and besides, I’ve also had the chance to see behind the scenes of quite a few companies. One of them is a semiconductor manufacturer, by the way. Those guys have quite a strict dresscode! πŸ˜€

Answer Number 4: I’m a social networking victim.

There is a more formal (boring) version of my CV available on XING: Helga on XING
I’m also on Facebook: Helga on Facebook

Don’t be chickenshit. Add me.
πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


2 responses to “About

  • Claudio

    Hello Helga,
    I have been lurking around this page for a long time now…
    My interest came mainly from a post of yours regarding hooking up to the swiss ephemeris DLL.
    I am interested in doing the same to an Application called NinjaTrader.
    It’s a free windows app, and I was wondering whether would you be interested in helping me doing this.

    BTW, I think you should try Fagan-Bradley’s Ayanamsa, and have a close look. Would not that explain how a supposedly shy Virgo Girl has such a personal Blog, so public?

    • ascendingmercury

      Hello Claudio, thank you for your message. I’m not maintaining my blog anymore, have you read the last post? If you need help with the coding, just give me a shout. I’m on facebook: Helga Heiß. Would love to read from you. xoxo

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